Suzuki Motorcycles in Singleton

Anybody can drive. To ride, you need passion.

It’s that favourite road, where you know the pavement like a good friend. The wild stretch of woods that begs you to wander and explore. Or the call of the racetrack that has you up early on weekends.

In our over 100 years of manufacturing history, over 60 years of building motorcycles, we have always strived to provide value-packed products as one of our manufacturing philosophies. We believe that our passion, enthusiasm turns into your fun and excitement, our pride of craftsmanship becomes your pride of ownership.

Suzuki Street Motorcycles


You’ll feel our passion for performance and precision engineering as soon as you twist the throttle.

Suzuki sportbikes are the Japanese marque’s signature models. The large-displacement Hayabusa defined the hypersportbike class. Meanwhile, the GSX-R1000 superbike and GSX-R600 supersport are Suzuki’s road-racing platforms – the Gixxers enjoying great success

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Whether you crave muscle, style or just a laid-back ride, the Suzuki Boulevard is a modern classic.

Suzuki cruiser motorcycles include the Boulevard C and M model lines, ranging from the big M109 and C109 to the C50 and M50, as well as the S series and GZ250.

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When you want to see the countryside on two wheels, saddle up on a Suzuki Boulevard or V-Strom touring bike.

My Touring Checklist: Just to help, we have listed all the important things you need to think about, before you set off on your travels this summer. So, all you need to do is download, print and enjoy the journey.

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When you want comfortable ergonomics with plenty of power, standards are the perfect everyday ride.

It’s more than just an attitude, a spirit, or a lineage. This is about shared technology and components; it’s about performance-packed hard parts evolving from one generation to the next.

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For comfort, versatility and performance, the V-Strom is an open invitation for new adventures on the road less traveled.

The wide range of accessories included are an adjustable windscreen, newly designed sleek aluminium side cases, and a rugged accessory engine bar that make it comfortable and versatile.

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If you’re torn between smooth pavement and wilderness trails, jump on a DualSport.

This dual-sport cycle is designed to conquer less than ideal conditions. The inverted cartridge front forks combine the best features of conventional and inverted designs to provide the smoothest riding experience possible giving you more than enough push to get up the hills or down the highways.

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Tame urban streets on this DR-Z dressed for the city.

A street legal bike for serious dirt bike enthusiasts on pavement roads. It’s not uncommon to take the SuperMoto down twisty forest trails as well as tight canyon corners. Its liquid-cooled, four-stroke engine provides strong low-rpm torque and crisp throttle response for any of these occasions.

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Suzuki Off Road Motorcycles


When you need to win on the track, our RM-Z series is the unfair advantage.

Suzuki dirt bikes have been quite successful on the motocross and supercross tracks, with Ricky Carmichael and now Chad Reed sourcing the fuel-injected RM-Z450.

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Like getting down and playing in the dirt? Do it on a DR-Z.

RM-Z450. Suzuki’s off-road motorcycle lineup also includes series of enduro and dual-sport models, like the DR650 and DR-Z400.

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Suzuki Scooters


Our versatile Burgman scooters give you a comfortable commute with the power of a full-sized motorcycle.

Suzuki’s scooter lineup is limited to the maxiscooter Burgman line, with a 400cc and 650cc powerplant options available. The Burgman units are available with optional ABS packages.

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Suzuki ATV


Popular with hunters, farmers, ranchers and workers at construction sites.

The KingQuad ATVs are utility quads and range from 400 to 750 in size.

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These Quads prove themselves time and time again with precision handling and powerful performance for both racer and the recreational rider alike.

Suzuki is familiar with four-wheeled production, having manufactured automobiles, but the Japanese firm has a robust quad lineup too. The QuadRacer 450 is Suzuki’s ATV racing platform, with a number of QuadSport models.

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