Kawasaki Motorcycles in Singleton

Since Kawasaki built its first motorcycle in 1953, they’ve never stopped pushing technology to arm riders with what they need to dominate the streets. Advanced engineering, exhaustive testing, and tireless passion go into every motorcycle every time rubber hits the road. From industry-first features to the features that have evolved over a long history, Kawasaki’s innovations will never stop feeding the insatiable appetites of riders around the world.

Kawasaki Street Motorcycles


This year continues Kawasaki’s heritage of high performing, versatile, rider-friendly sports motorcycles. There are some welcome returns along with a few young upstarts that’ll get your heart racing.

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The launching point for the development of the Ninja H2R was a strong desire to offer riders something they had never before experienced. Convinced that a truly extraordinary riding experience would not be found on a motorcycle that merely built on the performance of existing models, the design team committed to developing the “ultimate” motorcycle from a clean slate. The bike needed to deliver intense acceleration and an ultra-high top speed, coupled with supersport-level circuit performance.

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Cruising is all about doing things in style and comfort, enjoying life’s little luxuries and taking the time to smell the roses. So settle in, head out on the highway and cruise … Kawasaki-style.

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On any street, the new Versys 1000 offers maximum riding enjoyment. The highly responsive in-line four engine combined with a nimble chassis delivers sport performance in the most comfortable of settings. A weekend solo scratch, the daily commute, the long distance tour; solo or two-up the Versys 1000 will handle all that you can throw at it. The upright seating position, range of genuine accessories and and engine that loves to perform make the Versys 1000 the ideal city bike that comes alive on the twisty roads.

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Suzuki Off Road Motorcycles


This year’s range of Kawasaki KX models is stronger than ever, building on years of Championship winning Motocross and Supercross performances around the globe. From our 2-stroke KX65 screamer, the new 2014 KX85 models to our awesome 4-strokes, the KX250F and KX450F thumpers, Kawasaki continues to lead the way.

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From your uncle’s farm to the vast outback, from your favourite trail to the wide open highway, for an afternoon blast or a 6-month voyage, there’s a Kawasaki to deliver the dream.

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Kawasaki ATV


Tough-as-nails, mighty powerful and technically innovative, this year’s range of Kawasaki agricultural ATVs is the most feature-packed, hardest-working line-up ever.

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Forget everything you know about sports ATVs because Kawasaki has just re-written the rule book as we continue to set new standards for both engine and chassis innovation and performance.

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